Roofs do not last forever. Various roofing materials have different lifespans, from 2 decades to 10 decades. However, you should just rely on these numbers because they vary depending on the maintenance, installation process, and the climate.

Typically, roofs live up to 50% of their lifespans in countries with difficult climates. Here are several signs to look for that indicate you need a new roofing Modesto:

Saggy Roof

This is one of the most noticeable indications. Obviously, if your roof is saggy, you have to replace it. It can result in the most dangerous situation if you neglect a saggy roof. It’s the total collapse of your roof.

There are a lot of reasons why this happens. This includes ice accumulations, dysfunctional gutters, pressure and water buildup, moisture problems, low-quality material, and improper installation.

Here are several tips to avoid a saggy roof:

  • Inspect for the indications mentioned above.
  • Get rid of algae and moss as soon as you spot them.
  • Inspect and clean the roof regularly.
  • Get rid of ice and debris from the gutters.
  • Ensure that the roofing material is of the best quality.
  • Do not hire an inexperienced roofer.

The Shingles

Looking at the shingles is the ideal way to figure out if you need a new roof. Do you see any granules in the gutters? Are your shingles starting to disappear, break, or curl? What type of condition are they in?

Every single one of these is indications that your shingles are deteriorating. Read the manufacturer’s warranty and examine if the roof is reaching its lifespan. The issue can be solved with a simple repair if you’ve got 1-2 damaged shingles.

However, you have to hire a professional roofer right away if the damaged shingles are more than 2. This can also be applied for flashing. Mold growth and attic leaks are usually the results of loose flashing.

Algae and Moss

Moss may add a unique look to your house. However, it isn’t great for the roof. Something is not right when moss starts developing on the roof.

Mold growth in the attic is another indication that you need to replace the roof. This means that there are high levels of moisture in that place or that water is leaking inside. Rot might begin to happen if you’ve got wooden shingles. Try to eliminate moss as soon as you spot it.

Leaks and Cracks

The major indications that you need to replace your roof are leaks and cracks in the attic or on the roof. When these issues occur, it means that your roof is damaged somewhere.

The issue may be fixed with a simple repair if you’ve got 1-2 leaks in the attic. However, they’re typically an indication that your whole roof is beginning to deteriorate.

Before the roofer arrives, you should try to stop the leaks from spreading by sealing the cracks. If you ignore this problem, the leaks can cause a lot of damage to your house. This includes basement damage and foundation damage.